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Black Maria *

* Pronounced "black ma-RYE-ah"; coalfield-speak for the horse-drawn wagon called after a mine accident to convey injured and dead miners. 

"Black Maria" is a debut crime noir novel that drops on October 1!  It will be published by Run Amok Crime, and it was edited by Krysta Winsheimer (who was ceaselessly patient and a wonderful collaborator).  The cover was designed by Garth Jackson of Troublelight Films (who worked miracles based on the flimsiest ideas from the author).

Early Praise for "Black Maria"

"Black Maria is a feat of literary muscle and grace. Boyer's electric rust-belt mystery probes the deep sub-territories of geography and psyche, always alive to the dissolving present and to time's dizzying sweep. The era is the '70s, the place a moribund Pennsylvania mining town vampired and poisoned by greed, where a young, ambitious cop and a worn-out one must solve the horrifying murder of a child. But the place where everything in Black Maria really happens is the deep, vast, coal-dark chambered maze that is the human heart."     - Jo Perry, author of The World Entire

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