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Short Stories


FOLIO, 2023:  "Faltering Weight" (2023)

Weren't Another Other Way to Be:  Outlaw Fiction Inspired by the Songs of Waylon Jennings:  "Women Do Know How to Carry On" (2023)

Hedge Apple Magazine, October's Final Days Contest:  "The Ghost Pushes You Down" (2022)

Jacked:  An Anthology of Crime Stories:  "Skeleton Filing" (2022)

Nixes Mate Review, Anthology in the Time of Covid, 2021:  "Hunger" (2021)

Fudoki Magazine, Summer 2021:  "Gown Garnet Chain" (2021)

Corvid Queen, Summer 2021:  "The Rye Mother" (2021)

Nixes Mate Review, Summer 2021:  "Hunger" (2021)

Red Rock Review, Spring 2021:  "Thunderegg" (2021)

October Hill Magazine, Spring 2020:  "Real Men" (2020)

Exhuming Alexandria:  Modern Myths to Tell in the Dark:  "Dream-Eater" (2018)

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